Welcome to Zebra Corporate

We offer a new and innovative online system that solves the problem of staff development and workplace training for any kind of business.

Successful 21st Century businesses operate in a constant go mode. Cutting edge workplaces are wired into the world, and must deal with the implications of a global market and a global workforce and what amounts to a 24/7 information demand. The wired workplace needs a flexible, adaptable and low cost means for delivering in-house staff training.

Zebra Corporate delivers a highly cost effective training solution to industry leaders. Our platform is flexible, global, rock solid and designed for the wired workplace.

Our online delivery system:

  • Is customized to your brand identity.
  • Can be tailored to any kind of business environment or any kind of staff training need.
  • Tracks and reports on staff progress through the training.
  • Fully manageable in-house.
  • Is totally expandable - our service can streamline training for any business: from small companies with 5-10 employees right up to multi-national enterprises with global reach.
  • Is extraordinarily cost effective.