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Auditable and trackable creativity and innovation training for all staff in your creative teams and for anyone who interacts with them. On a per employee basis our service includes bite sized practical answers for getting the best out of your people, resolving conflict, negotiation, setting and achieving targets and team dynamics.

We offer customisable programs in creative people management and creative culture setting; advice on how to create world class creative environments and additional services that include interactive training and the delivery of customised content that addresses company specific issues.

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In the last 30 - 40 years massive change in the shape of first world economies has occurred because of three unprecedented forces in the global marketplace.

  1. The digital revolution
  2. The proliferation of "scientific" management principles
  3. The rise of second and third world economies

First world economies are undergoing a tectonic change. The basis for first world prosperity - the triumph of the industrial revolution is now falling into the hands of second and third world countries as low labor costs make manufacturing there economic common sense.

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subscription faqs

Q: $5 per month: What do we get?
  • One thought provoking email per day
  • One new 5-6 minute video every week
  • One new 17-18 minute video every month
  • Whenever you like access to the ongoing and expanding pool of content

Q: Do you offer a formal qualification?
Not at this time, not for $5 a month.

Q: Can we track whether staff members are watching the content?
Yes. The entry level commitment for staff is so easy that they can engage with the training any time, and its easily trackable.

Q: Do you offer premium services?
Yes. We offer tailored programs and in-house face to face training.
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